Strava adds mesmerising 3D terrain heatmaps

The popular tracking app's Personal Heatmaps are now a whole lot lumpier.

by Iain Treloar

Strava has quietly rolled out its latest incremental update overnight, introducing 3D Terrain to its subscriber-only Personal Heatmap feature.

Heatmaps, which first saw life as a global initiative highlighting the world’s most popular activity routes, were introduced at a personal level in January 2021. They allow users to visualise their riding over various timeframes, with colour grading providing a snapshot of the most regularly ridden routes. 

The newest update to this feature takes the 2D heatmaps and adds a 3D perspective, allowing you to move around and control the angle of view.

If you live somewhere flat, that’s possibly mindlessly dull; if you don’t, it’s quite mesmerising to play with. 

Strava has been up to more than making the lumpy look bumpy, though. In other recent mapping updates, satellite map imagery has been refreshed, with the average satellite image now being from within the last two years. Strava’s base maps have also been consolidated to Mapbox across the board, rather than drawing from Apple Maps (iOS) and Google Maps (Android). 

To play with the 3D Heatmap, head here and toggle “Show 3D Terrain”.

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