The best thing on the internet today is this lovely ode to trail dogs

Nine wholesome minutes of Very Good Dogs running along mountain bike trails.

by Iain Treloar

photography by Shimano

I truly don’t know what Shimano’s play is here. There is no hard-sell of disc brakes or groupsets, no gratuitous close-ups of expensive bike gadgets.

Instead, you just get nine wholesome minutes of dogs flying along trails. It’s not selling anything and yet, I want it all: all of the mountain bikes, all of the dogs.

There are big dogs and small dogs. A pair of little Jack Russells; a gorgeous Labradoodle thing. Their names are Levi, Lucy & Syd, Driggs, Nash and Emmy. They are each, in their own unique way, Very Good Boys and Girls who love nothing more than going for a run in the forest with their humans.

The whole thing’s gorgeously filmed, interestingly soundtracked (ambient > EDM > repeat), and has a weirdly moving voiceover that meditates on ageing and the unbreakable bond between a dog and its master.

Will you cry at the end? I’m not ruling it out. Did I get choked up? Do I really need to answer that question?

Who knows what the point of all this is, because I can’t imagine it’s shifting too many shifters. Who cares. It’s just absolutely goddamn lovely. Watch it.

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