Video: Phil Gaimon and Ronan Mc Laughlin chat about the new Everesting record

A fun and insightful chat between two riders who know how to ride uphill really fast.

by Matt de Neef

By now you will have seen the news about the new Everesting world record, set by CyclingTips’ own Ronan Mc Laughlin. You’ve probably even seen the terrific film that our video guru Phil Golston made about the ride (if you haven’t, you absolutely should). If you want to learn more about Mc Laughlin’s astonishing effort, you’ll also want to watch the interview he did with former pro turned YouTube star Phil Gaimon.

Gaimon played a key role in popularising the Everesting speed record, setting a then-record time of 7:52:12 in May 2020. While Gaimon’s record was the first Everesting record in more than three years, his new mark lasted just four days as others starting coming for his crown.

In the video above, Gaimon and Mc Laughlin chat through all the details of Mc Laughlin’s new record. The pair have a great rapport and the video is both informative and entertaining throughout. Well worth a watch.

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