A sub-4 kg road bike for everyday use? Berk Composites says so

Is this the lightest practical "every day" road bike ever made?

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by Berk Composites

As pro bikes become increasingly focused on disc brakes and aero integration, largely thanks to the UCI minimum weight limit remaining at 6.8kg, the weight weenies among us can be forgiven for feeling a bit marginalised or forgotten in the modern bike tech world. Good news, though: for some, weight is still the number one metric, and one such group is Berk Composites.

Berk Composites is a Slovenian company specialising in all things lightweight, including frames, saddles, seat posts, and even shoes. Berk has now combined its lightweight expertise and called in a few similarly weight weenie minded companies to create a stunning sub 4kg bike, practical enough to use every day.

Crazy light custom builds are nothing new, we have seen all manner of super-light bikes with even lighter weights but these bikes usually feature some weight-saving compromises which render them fairly impractical. This new offering from Berk does not look cheap, but the only part that could be considered somewhat impractical for everyday use is the tubular tyres.

To hit that sub 4kg weight the Slovenian lightweight experts curated a mouth-watering list of components. The build looks like this:

  • Wheels form AX-Lightness
  • Tufo tubulars
  • Rotor cassette
  • Fiber-Lyte chainrings
  • THM Scapula fork
  • THM Fibula brakes
  • THM Clavicula crankset
  • SRAM Red 22 shifters featuring some style drillium-esque weight saving
  • Red 22 rear derailleur
  • Darimo seat post, stem, and handlebars
  • All hung on a Berk custom frame.

All in the bike weighs 3992grams with only pedals and bottle cages to be added.

I know who to contact if I ever go Everesting again: Berk-Composites.com

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