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Cycling meme creators are having a field day with Silca’s $175 computer mount

A bunch of memes for immature bicycle lovers.

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Silca’s brand new 3D-printed titanium computer mount seems to have triggered the online bicycle world. Some hate how it looks, others think it should be lighter, many want accessories underneath, and then there’s the price. Oh, the price!

And while it may seem like Silca is trying to pull an S-Works and charge whatever dentists are willing to pay, the reality is that the selected method of manufacturing directly results in the astronomical price. This is extremely expensive technology with high-priced raw material. Bastion, cycling’s titanium-3D-printing veterans, produced similar mounts three years ago but never brought them to market because the price would offend.

Your wallet is not mine, and my wallet is not yours, and I don’t doubt that Silca will sell these (which will probably help fund more-useful products in the future). Still, whether this product makes sense or not, the internet has once again proven that it can be a glorious place. Here are a few memes that bring a little laughter (if you’re immature, like me) and help balance out the negativity of angry comment sections.

Here’s one that might be a step too far for some. Click through at your own risk.

And finally, here’s one for the Simpsons fanatics:

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