Meet the Maker: Jesse Geisler of Geisler Cycles

The Aussie framebuilder talks about his latest bike, the machines used to build it, and a car close to his heart.

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Welcome to Meet the Maker, a new series that gives you a brief introduction to the person behind the product. With the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia wrapped up for another year, we’ll be rolling out a few short videos with a small handful of builders.

First off the rank is Jesse Geisler of Geisler Cycles. With a workshop based in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, Geisler is a lifelong member of the bicycle industry and has a rich career as a professional race mechanic, frame repairer, toolmaker and more. Two years ago Geisler decided it was time to follow his passion for making frames. His focus is high-performance custom steel frames.

You can see more of Geisler’s latest bike in part four of our 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia coverage.

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