New Strava update makes big changes to layout, organization, and navigation

More than just a modest refresh, the latest update offers some real functional improvements.

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Strava has announced an update to its mobile app, which it hopes will make it easier to use and navigate. After years of iterative updates, Strava has now reorganised the app a little more thoroughly with new tabs and subsections that are intended to put the details you want in a more intuitive layout and location. In addition to the new appearance, Strava has also renamed the tabs along the bottom of the screen and relocated many of the old features to better group similar features in more intuitive locations.

Gone are the Feed, Explore, Training, and Profile tabs, replaced now with Home, Maps, Groups, and You. The Record tab and feature remains unchanged. 

Strava is continually rolling out new updates to its platform functionality, with over 70 updates in the past year. Most of these updates go unnoticed by a lot of us, but not this time. 

“We’ve got more new features on the way and this update gives us the room we need to grow,” read a statement from Strava. No doubt the new layout will require some time for long time users of the app to adjust, but the talk of new features is exciting. 


The home screen hasn’t changed much in appearance, but the tab to track your activities has been relocated.

The Home tab replaces the old Feed tab, and this is where you will find all the details on the activities of anyone you are following. From here, you can deep-dive into your buddies’ secret training, and give kudos and comments. Strava has removed the You subsection for tracking your activities from here, but more on that later.


“If you can draw it on a map, this is the tab for it.”

The Maps tab replaces the old Explore tab and includes a segments explorer for planning your next KOM mission and a selection of suggested routes with filters for location, sport, distance, elevation, and surface. The Maps tab also features a Saved area, which houses all of your saved routes, starred segments, KOM / CRs, and Local Legends data. 


The new Groups tab is for all things Strava community.

This tab houses the Challenges and Clubs sections and is a place to connect with the wider Strava community: join challenges, track your current challenges, join clubs with like-minded athletes, and track those clubs activities. 


The new You tab is the place for all things you, your fitness, and your activities.

At the bottom right of the app screen, you will find the new You tab and your current profile picture. This new tab is all about you and brings together your activities, personal training insights, and profile data previously located in numerous places throughout the app. 

The You tab features a progress section containing information on your training log, goals, training intensity, and fitness tracker. All these sections can be expanded to view more data for this month or previous months.

The activities section within the You tab has — you guessed it — all your activities on Strava. The activities section gets a new search feature allowing you to filter activities by distance, time, elevation, dates, etc. This is a long-overdue and welcome addition to the app’s functionality, and I find the dates filter particularly helpful for jumping to older activities. 

Lastly, the Profile section is the old profile tab from before, but now relocated to within the You tab. From here, you can see photos, a host of stats, your trophy case, and clubs you have joined.  

The app update is live now and is available to both subscription and free users.  

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