Spectators with chainsaws ran alongside Egan Bernal on the Passo Giau

Bernal won stage 16 of the Giro d'Italia after being cheered on (we hope that's what they were doing) by spectators with chainsaws.

by Dane Cash

Fans watching the 2021 Giro d’Italia from home missed much of what happened on stage 16 due to tricky weather conditions in the Dolomites, and only in the aftermath of the stage are we seeing all of the action from a tough day on the bike. Egan Bernal took the stage victory, and as we know now that Italian broadcaster RAI has uploaded a full replay of the day’s racing, he did it after being cheered on (we assume that’s what they were doing) by some particularly enthusiastic spectators.

As he made his way up the Passo Giau solo, Bernal passed not one but two fans running alongside him operating chainsaws, loud enough to be heard on the video.

Chainsaw-wielding fans may be unusual at a road bike race, but they are less of a rarity at downhill mountain bike events. Those who bring them to races are typically operating the devices with the otherwise dangerous chains removed.

Hopefully that was the case on the Passo Giau, where the chainsaw-wielding duo spent time running alongside Bernal on slick roads while revving their machines.

Either way, Bernal did not seem to take much notice of the pair, as he would continue to ascend, go up and over the summit alone, and hold on for the win.