Watch a gravel bike get pushed to its limit by a trials world champ

Vašek Kolář has a gravel bike and no fear.

by Iain Treloar

photography by Jiří Fikejz

Czech trials rider Vašek Kolář has form. He’s an 11-time world champion. He’s the reigning Czech champion in the discipline. Perhaps most significantly, he was a finalist in Czechia Slovakia’s Got Talent in 2019. 

For Kolář’s latest video project, however, he’s turned to a different discipline, picking up a gravel bike for the first time and pushing it far, far beyond its design purpose. 

In the slick four-minute video, there’s all sorts of those cool balletic pirouettes, some bonkers balancing, and some serious airtime.

Here’s a fun game you can play while watching. It’s called “how many times would you crash?”

I lost count at 50. 

Regardless of whether you’re an aficionado of the likes of Danny MacAskill and Ot Pi, or just looking for something to distract your eye for a few minutes, this is worth a watch.

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