Bike of Unbound Gravel: Pete Stetina’s Canyon Grizl

by Dan Cavallari

photography by Dan Cavallari

Pete Stetina’s name comes up first or second in every conversation about top contenders at Unbound Gravel. He will attempt to make good on that enthusiasm at Unbound on this Canyon Grizl, a bike launched just a few weeks ago.

When we caught up with him, Stetina had just come back from a recon ride and was positive about his chances. The northern part of the course promises to be gnarly, according to Stetina, with plenty of climbing and descending on chunky terrain that’s sure to play equalizer for more than a handful of riders. 

According to Stetina’s mechanic, “Big Tall Wayne,” Stetina will run around 32 psi in his IRC Boken Doublecross TLR tires. No tire inserts will be used.

While 1x drivetrains seem to rule the roost among the pros, Stetina’s sticking with a 2X hybrid Shimano setup: A Dura-Ace crank and an 11-30 cassette out back, with a GRX derailleur. The roadie roots are clear, here.

And Stetina is a well-known proponent of aero bars on his gravel bike. He will run them at Unbound Gravel, not only for aero benefit, but also to switch up body positions to maintain some semblance of comfort over the long miles of the Flint Hill’s toughest terrain. 

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