Meet the Maker: Darren Baum of Baum Cycles

Darren Baum gives a quick walk-through of his personal Orbis +.

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Darren Baum of Baum Cycles likely needs little introduction. Coming into his 25th year of business, the Geelong-based builder is world-renowned for his arguably flawless steel and titanium machines. 

These days Baum Cycles consists of a team of makers that work within a large (by custom bike standards) manufacturing facility. We’ve taken a tour of the facility before and it remains the pinnacle building space amongst Australian framemakers. 

In the short video above Baum talks through his personal Orbis + all-road machine. You can also see this bike in our third gallery from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the other videos in our Meet the Maker series.

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