More bike-adjacent ads should have vikings in them, obviously

This hilarious Danish helmet-safety ad has amazing production values and a chieftain with an itchy scalp.

by Iain Treloar

I know, I know: helmets. Hoo boy. Some people are for them. Some people aren’t. These are facts with an insurmountable and fiercely contested chasm lying between them.

Let’s rise above it for now. Let’s declare a moratorium on the Helmet Debate, because we are not talking about helmet laws here today, not really: we are talking about art in advertising.

The Danish Road Safety Council has a new helmet PSA. There are a lot of vikings on their way to raid England, and there’s a chieftain with an itchy scalp who really doesn’t want his braids ruined. It is earthen and gritty and funny, and the production values are stellar.

Regardless of your thoughts on helmet laws, it’s a pretty delightful way to pass a couple of minutes of your day. Enjoy.

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