Rapha has titanium sporks and mugs now

For a touch of luxury in the wilderness.

by Iain Treloar

photography by Rapha

That’s a headline I wasn’t expecting to write today, or ever, but there it is: Rapha, in a collaboration with Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak, has released a small collection of high-end bikepacking utensils. 

There’s a gorgeous stainless steel flask (US$135), there’s a stunning titanium mug with a foldable handle (US$42.50), and there’s my personal pick of the litter, a titanium spork (at what seems a fairly reasonable price of US$15). 

A mug in the wild, that’s what.

Rapha, which started off as a high-end road apparel brand, has ventured out into the various branches of the cycling family tree over the recent past. Earlier this month, the company released its first mountain bike range, and there’s been a growing focus on bikepacking and adventure cycling over the past few years.

That’s where the Snow Peak gear fits in, fulfilling the brief of something pretty and functional with a high-end aesthetic for the back-end-of-nowhere where brand names don’t really matter but durability does. As the little catchphrase on each of the items says, ‘Seems appropriate’.

The Snow Peak collaboration is the latest in a long line of them from Rapha, which has worked with POC for co-branded helmets, Chris King for co-branded espresso tampers, and Bang & Olufsen for co-branded headphones. 

Most of those sold quickly. These probably will too.

There’s early access available at Rapha.cc for RCC members now, and they’ll then be offered to the Great Unwashed (unless you’re in Italy, where for reasons unspecified, you will not be able to get a Rapha titanium spork: not now, and not ever).

See more at rapha.cc.   

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