Adidas brings 3D-printing to sunglasses with limited-edition 3D CMPT

Cutting-edge manufacturing with a price to match.

by James Huang

photography by Adidas

Proving yet again that there is seemingly no limit to what can be made using additive manufacturing (3D-printing), Adidas has today announced its 3D CMPT sunglasses. 

The one-piece, non-folding frame features the skeletal look people often expect to see in a 3D-printed item, with the flexible nylon enhanced with a rubberized coating throughout. Filling out that frame is a shield-type spherical mirrored polycarbonate lens with a brown base and light mirror coating. Non-slip bits at the nosepiece and the ends of the arms promise a secure fit.

Adidas is limiting production to just 150 pieces, all of which will be available through the brand’s website starting August 23, 2021, but only to members of the Adidas “Creator Club”.

Oh, and you’re wondering what these might cost? That’d be a whopping US$415 / £300 / €350 (sorry, Australia, no soup for you). 

More information can be found at

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