Dutch Olympian Niek Kimmann collides with official during BMX training ride

It has been a tough few days for Dutch cyclists at the Tokyo Olympics.

by Dane Cash

It has been a tough few days at the Tokyo Olympics for Dutch cyclists.

Despite being heavily favored, the Dutch women’s squad did not win the road race on Sunday as Anna Kiesenhofer held on from the early break to take the victory. Then, on Monday morning, Mathieu van der Poel crashed and abandoned the mountain bike event. Elsewhere, misfortune also befell a Dutch BMXer.

Niek Kimmann, one of the favorites for the BMX event, was completing a training runthrough of the course on Monday when he collided with a person who was walking across the track.

According to Kimmann, who posted to social media after the incident, the individual was a race official.

According to AD, Kimmann sustained a small knee fracture in the fall. In his social media post, Kimmann said that he was still planning to give it his best shot in the event, which takes place on Thursday.

“So this is what happened today,” Kimmann wrote on social media. “Hit an official that wanted to cross the 2nd straight. Hope the official is O.K. My knee is sore, but will do my best to be ready for Thursday! Thanks everyone for the messages, appreciate it!”

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