Elite’s new Rizer brings inclines, declines, and steering to indoor training

Elite's gradient simulator brings added realism to virtual riding.

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Elite has unveiled the latest addition to its home trainer ecosystem: the Rizer, a front-wheel-replacing grade and steering simulator.  

Wahoo was the first indoor training hardware company to offer a gradient simulator with its Kickr Climb back in 2017. Elite has now entered the same market with the Rizer, which simulates ascents up to 20% and descents down to -10% gradients. The Rizer will pair with virtual training software to automatically match the virtual gradient on screen. 

Elite has upped the ante by including a new integrated steering system to offer a more road-like feeling for out-of-the-saddle riding and steering for your virtual world avatar.

The steering system on the Rizer allows the handlebars to move left to right when out of the saddle as it would when riding up steep gradients in the real world for what is promised to be a much more dynamic experience. Elite says this handlebar movement will “help you work every muscle as you would do if you were riding outdoors.”

The Rizer also pairs wirelessly with virtual training software for “courses with enabled steering options so you can choose your path and overtake other cyclists in virtual rides and races.” Zwift introduced steering last year, but until now that was only compatible with the Elite Sterzo or the Zwift companion app.

The Rizer communicates directly with Elite smart trainers for interactive gradients changes in virtual world courses. The steering system is paired with Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C.

Elite has also released a Rizer-specific app to control the gradient and equipped the Rizer with manual control buttons for choosing your own rise and fall.

The Rizer is delivered fully assembled and features an aluminium tower connected to a steel and aluminium base. Elite has also included a carrying handle and adjustable feet for easier movement and setup. 

The Rizer is compatible with Elite’s Directo XR, Directo XR-T, Suito, Suito-T, and Tuo trainers. Crucially Elite claims the Rizer is compatible with “all commercially available bikes”, with quick release, 12 mm, and 15 mm thru-axle adapters included. 

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