Mathieu van der Poel returned from the recon ride with a Chrono CX bottle.

Gallery: Tour de France time trial tech – part two

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by Ronan Mc Laughlin and Cor Vos

Welcome to the second part of our time trial tech coverage from the first week of the Tour de France. In part one, I covered a number of bikes (including a few unreleased ones) and teased a few wheel setups. In this second part I continue with a look at fast wheels before diving into the smaller details that make these machines so fast.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our video on time trial bikes of the Tour.

New wheels

Stage 5 was like Christmas morning for time trial fans with new frames, new tyres, and of course new wheels. Here is a selection of new and unreleased wheels on show.

Perhaps most interestingly, some Cofidis riders had an as-yet-unannounced Fulcrum disc brake disc wheel, which is seemingly tubeless compatible. If anything like the Campagnolo Bora Ultra, this Fulcrum should be quite lightweight also.

Tyres choices

That’s a lot of wheels. My head was spinning trying to catch every wheel zooming past, but I did still manage to spot a few interesting tyre selections.


Time trial bars used to be simple, round, ski-pole-style extensions; now it seems they are getting more elaborate by the day. We spotted a host of new bars on show at the stage 5 time trial. Everything from carbon fibre to 3D-printed, from stock sizes to fully customisable. I didn’t dare ask for prices.