Peter Sagan on stage 11 of the Tour de France

Peter Sagan has knee surgery after Tour de France abandon

Peter Sagan underwent surgery to his knee in Monaco today after he was forced to abandon the Tour de France with a knee injury.

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Peter Sagan had surgery on his knee in Monaco today. The Slovakian national champion suffered from the effect of a crash in the final of stage three of the Tour de France and was forced to abandon the race before stage 12, a stage later won by his teammate Nils Politt.

“On stage 3 the chainring hit my knee and entered the skin above the patella, leaving a deep wound,” Sagan was quoted in the Bora-hansgrohe press release. “We cleaned the wound as much as possible to prevent infection because of the dirt from the chain oil. However, after a few days an inflammation developed in the bursa on top of the patella and unfortunately I had to abandon the Tour.”

Because of the knee injury Sagan never managed to get more than a fifth place on stages four and six and wasn’t able to go for a record-breaking eighth green jersey. 

“We did everything possible on site at the Tour but even antibiotic treatment couldn’t prevent an infection,” Bora-hansgroghe’s team doctor Christopher Edler said. “The only option was to stop racing and get the bursa surgically removed. Luckily it was only superficial infection and the knee joint is not involved in this at all. The surgery went well and I think Peter will be able to start with light training again in a couple of days.”

Sagan added: “I’m so grateful for all the get-well messages that I received from my teammates, friends and fans from all over the world. They are greatly appreciated. I already feel a lot better and everything looks good so far.”

Sagan is selected to represent Slovakia at the Olympic games. It’s unknown whether he will be able to line up for the race that takes place on July 24. 

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