Tech gallery: 2021 Enve Builder Roundup, part one

by James Huang

photography by Ian Matteson/Enve Composites

Need a break from the Tour de France? Enve recently held its third Builder Roundup, a sort of mini handmade show that’s starting to become not-so-mini.

Enve is one of the most prolific suppliers to the handmade community, and while the event is ostensibly designed to be a showcase of the company’s wares, it’s evolved into a reputable event in its own right, with builders from around the world descending upon Ogden, Utah, with their best and brightest.

There are far too many bikes to display in one go, so we’ve split the gallery into three parts. Enjoy part one today, and stay tuned for parts two and three in the days to come.

Prova Cycles

Naked Bicycles

Allied Cycleworks

English Cycles


Pursuit Cycles


Chumba Bikes

Retrotec Cycles

Scarab Cycles

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