The Amazing Chase – Can Jack Thompson beat the Tour de France?

21 stages: 3,500km and 62,000m of climbing.

The chase is on.

Beginning in Brest, France, this Monday 5th July, Jack Thompson will set off in pursuit of the professional peloton, aiming to catch, overtake, and eventually beat the world’s best cyclists as they race toward Paris.

Riding the exact route of the 2021 Tour, Jack will ride two stages per day weaving his way from the north-west of France, through the center to the Alps, the Pyrenees, into Andorra, and eventually arriving in Paris, averaging a distance of over 350km and 6,000m of climbing for 10 days straight.

“As a cyclist, I’ve always been fascinated by the Tour. As a young child, my goal was always to wear the yellow jersey and ride down the Champs Elysees in front of a crowd of people as the first placed rider.

The reality is that my cycling journey has been anything but normal and I didn’t follow the typical ‘racing pathway.’ My life spiraled out of control as an early 20 something, partying hard and developing a substance abuse problem. I battled through depression, spent time in rehab, and was lucky enough to come out the other side.

I still have a dream and like the young boy that once watched the Tour with big open eyes late into the night, I want to ride down the Champs Elysees as the leader of the biggest bike race on earth and in doing so, highlight what is possible with the right mindset and determination.”

Check back to follow Jack’s progress and if you’re in France join on the road to give Jack a cheer as he passes by.


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