Why F1 driver Valtteri Bottas is racing SBT GRVL this weekend

Valtteri Bottas is taking on a new kind of race on Sunday.

by Dane Cash

photography by Betsy Welch

The SBT GRVL race is drawing some big names to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this August, with plenty of notables from both the road and mountain bike scene set to attend the second edition of the event. One of the biggest names on the start list, however, is best known for racing on four wheels.

As Velonews reports, F1 pro Valtteri Bottas is in Colorado this week to ride SBT GRVL. His partner, Canyon-SRAM’s Tiffany Cromwell, will be making the start alongside several other big names from the cycling world in the 142-mile event, while Bottas will be riding one of the shorter distance options.

“It’s mainly for fun, I’m just doing the 60 mile race. But, I’m gonna give it all I have, sure. I don’t mind doing that,” Bottas told Velonews.

SBT GRVL will apparently mark the second career bike racing appearance for Bottas, who races for the Mercedes team on the F1 circuit.

“I did my first and only bike race in Australia, a crit in January of 2020 just before COVID,” Bottas said. “I blew up completely. I was so upset that Tiff put me in the B group.”

You can read the full story from our colleagues over at Velonews.

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