Nikias Arndt racing the men's time trial at the Tokyo Olympics.

German cycling coach who made racist remarks suspended until the end of 2021

Patrick Moster has been suspended until December 31.

by Dane Cash

photography by Cor Vos

German cycling coach Patrick Moster, who was heard shouting “catch the camel riders” at Nikias Arndt while Arndt was racing the men’s time trial at the Tokyo Olympics with riders from Eritrea, Algeria, Iran, and Syria ahead of him, has been suspended for the rest of 2021 by the UCI.

Moster had already been provisionally suspended since July 29, one day after he was heard making the remarks on the television broadcast of the event, with the UCI deeming his actions “in violation of article 12.4.017 (d) of the UCI Regulations.” Language in that section of the UCI’s rules state that someone who “behaves in an insulting manner, makes defamatory comments or otherwise contravenes the basic rules of decency” is breaking the organization’s regulations.

Moster was ultimately sent home by the German Olympic federation in the aftermath of the incident, while Arndt condemned the comments. Algeria’s Azzedine Lagab, one of the athletes who had passed through the feed zone shortly before Arndt, has addressed what happened in a number of posts on social media.

In a statement on Friday, the UCI said that “Mr. Moster has since acknowledged before the Disciplinary Commission that he had committed a breach of the UCI Regulations and agreed to the imposition of a suspension until 31 December 2021, during which time Mr. Moster may not participate in any capacity in any competition or activity authorized or organized by the UCI, a Continental Confederation or a member National Federation.”

The UCI also noted that it “condemns all forms of racist and discriminatory behavior and strives to ensure integrity, diversity and equality in cycling.”