Leadville Trail 100 rider dies during race

Details of what happened have not yet been made public.

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The Colorado Sun reports that a rider died during the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race on Saturday.

According to the newspaper, other participants said that a man died during a descent section of the high-altitude mountain bike race, but it has not yet been made public whether his death was due to a medical issue that happened during the race or due to a crash.

Details of the incident are forthcoming, with race officials not yet providing further information “out of respect for the participant.”

“The entire Leadville family is deeply saddened by the passing of an athlete,” said Jordan Titus, a spokesperson for Life Time, which owns the race. “This athlete embodied the spirit of Leadville and our thoughts and sympathies are with their loved ones at this difficult time.”

As the Colorado Sun notes, this is the second time that a Leadville participant has died in the history of the event. Scott Ellis, a 55-year-old rider, suffered a cardiac arrest while in the race in 2015.

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