Nerd Alert Podcast: Separating chain lube testing fact from fiction

The founders of Zero Friction Cycling and FrictionFacts speak about what works and what doesn’t.

by Dave Rome

photography by CyclingTips

Welcome back to the Nerd Alert podcast, in this week’s episode Dave Rome steps in as host and goes full nerd while diving into the murky waters of chain lube testing.

The amount of mixed information related to chain lubes is staggering and it’s undoubtedly one of the more confusing product areas for consumers. That’s an issue because your choice of chain lube can make a substantial difference to the durability and efficiency of your drivetrain. To help unravel these issues we called up Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling and the founder of FrictionFacts Jason Smith to talk all things within their domains.

Here they reveal what makes a great chain lube, what tests work and why, and what tests you should be sceptical of.  For related reading, stick your head down the rabbit hole of all things related to bicycle chains.

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