Nerd Alert podcast: Thermoplastic carbon composites are back!

A deep dive with Ben Lloyd of Cygnet Texkimp Ltd.

by Dave Rome

photography by CyclingTips

The world of carbon fibre composites is continually progressing, and yet, the way most carbon bicycle frames are made today doesn’t differ all that much from how it was done in the 90s.  

However, aeronautical and automotive industries are continually investing in improved methods and processes, and the cycling market serves to benefit from just that. One such example is the recent rebirth of thermoplastic composites which have the potential to reduce costs, offer superior impact resistance, and be recyclable.  

Our guest in this week’s deep dive episode is Ben Lloyd, a Research and Development specialist at Cygnet Texkimp Ltd, a leading carbon composite manufacturing machinery company. Lloyd is an expert in thermoplastic manufacturing and is also in touch with the bicycle industry. 

Some of the topics discussed assume prior knowledge of how carbon fibre frames and products are made. Our feature about how carbon fibre frames are made is well worth a read.

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