Remco Evenepoel will have a pizza named after him

"A recipe without meat and with lots of vegetables that our new face also likes."

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Belgian wunderkind Remco Evenepoel has many things going for him. He can ride a bike very fast. He is The Next Eddy Merckx™. He has as much alcohol-free beer as he can stomach, and sometimes even remembers to open it.

But all of these pale in comparison to one thing: his lucrative Pizza Hut endorsement deal.

As we shared in March, Evenepoel signed a five-year contract with the pizza chain – an alliance that was described in an accompanying press release as a “tasty collaboration”.

In the months since, Evenepoel has been doing his level best to promote a pizza brand that he appears to find almost sinful:

Indeed, given how long Evenepoel goes between his “cheat days”, it seems that it’s the team staff of Deceuninck-Quick Step that are the real beneficiaries of the sponsorship deal:

Nonetheless, Evenepoel’s partnership with Pizza Hut continues to bear fruit for his sponsor, which – in brutal news for Belgium – claims to be “the tastiest pizza chain in Belgium”.

As Het Nieuwsblad reports, the young Belgian recently filmed a commercial. Even more exciting news, however, is that there’s going to a new item added to the menu: the ‘Remco’ pizza.

What does that look like? We do not know for sure, but Pizza Hut has teased some clues: company CEO Stef Meulemans claims that “it will be a recipe without meat and with lots of vegetables that our new face also likes.”

A deep scroll of Evenepoel’s social media profiles reveals some big moods for a 16-year-old, but does not disclose whether he is actually vegetarian – or indeed, what vegetables he and his face like.

At Il Lombardia, Evenepoel crashed off a bridge and landed on a rotting fowl. Is this the origin story for his current preference for vegetarian pizza? I’m not ruling it out.

That leaves us with some guesswork.

Olives? Perhaps! Capers? Why not. Baby spinach? Carrot? Fetta and sundried tomatoes? Girthy slabs of swede? Whole brussels sprouts? A massive eggplant looming resplendent from the marinara sauce?

All of these could be on the Remco. We don’t know. We just know that it’s coming to a Pizza Hut near you, if you’re in Belgium.

More on this vital story as we have it.

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