A 64×15 and $10,000 bars: Ashton Lambie’s sub-4-minute pursuit bike

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by Kit Karzen

Ashton Lambie has cemented a place for himself in the history books as the first person to ride a 4 km pursuit in under four minutes. An achievement of immense magnitude, some might say it is at least the cycling equivalent of Roger Bannister’s sub-four-minute mile in 1954. While Bannister achieved what many considered physiologically impossible at the time and broke down an apparent collective mental barrier for humanity, there was a certain inevitability about someone, sometime soon, breaking the four-minute 4 km pursuit barrier.

That is not to detract from Lambie’s achievement but is rather a collective acknowledgement of the progression in modern sport. The sub-four-minute pursuit became an equation: massive human engine + sports science and physiology understanding + technological advancement = 3:59.930

Lambie has the engine, the biggest part by far of that whole equation. His team has an advanced understanding of physiology and advancements in training, and this bike provided the platform to deliver all that potential onto the boards of the Aguascalientes track. We have these photos of Lambie’s groundbreaking bike, from photographer Kit Karzen, to attempt to encapsulate all that tech advancement into one gallery.

So find yourself a quiet place, sit back, marvel at this “giant leap for mankind” level of advancement, and ponder the fact that for 99.999% of us, all the marginal gains in the world still wouldn’t have been enough to keep us on the same lap as Lambie.

So there we have it, the world’s first 3:59 4 km pursuit bike. All in, for the prices of the components we know of, I totalled £24,372 (US$33,000)! Just imagine if it had brakes and gears!

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