The Curve Remlaw is a flat handlebar for drop bar bikes

Looks like a riser. Isn't.

by Iain Treloar

photography by Curve

Melbourne-based bikepacking standard bearers, Curve Cycling, have form when it comes to interesting handlebars. In late 2019 they released the Walmer – an ultra-wide drop bar that measures up to 750 mm at the drops. Now, they’ve come out with the Remlaw – yup, that’s ‘Walmer’ backwards. 

What’s the Remlaw? It’s a flat bar for drop-bar bikes. As anyone who’s retrofitted a flat bar onto a bike with geometry designed around a drop handlebar might know, that usually ushers in some compromises, shortening the reach and negatively impacting on the bike’s handling. 

The Remlaw, however, is designed to provide comparable reach and handling to a drop bar. The bit that looks like a rise goes 18 mm out to the front, getting the hands in roughly the same spot as they would be on a drop bar. There’s 12° of back sweep to give the wrists a natural position, and ample mounting space for lights, accessories, and all the other treasures you might want to schlep about with you. 

Here’s a Remlaw fitted to a Curve GMX.

Compared to the Walmer bar – which comes in eight different widths – the Remlaw is available in a single 800 mm width, which you can trim to the dimensions preferred. 

Like the Walmer, these won’t be for everyone – but they look a neat solution for a relatively common problem, especially if you have adventurous leanings. 

They’ll cost you AU$149, and you can find out more at

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