Eurobike 2021: We asked brands for 60-second sales pitches

Sick of the waffle that bike brands churn out? We challenged brands at Eurobike to cram their spiel into 60 seconds. Here's what happened.

by Dave Everett

photography by David Everett

Waffle, jargon, spiel, marketing nonsense – whatever you call it, it’s spewed at us regularly and in abundance whenever there’s a new product launched. Some of it can be interesting, but let us be honest, most of it is not so, and in many cases, the claims can be wild!

Two days spent traipsing around Eurobike, Europe’s biggest bike show, can result in endless sales people, designers, and engineers talking your ear off about their latest goodies. Learning the polite way to duck out of an intense and passionate pitch is a life skill any cycling journalist needs to acquire quickly.

This year we thought we’d extend that skill a bit further. We had to because, unlike in previous years, the show only lasted two days rather than three, so time was tight. So to get through the barrage of info and get to the juice quotes that we needed to hear, we gave each brand (or at least those that were up for a laugh) 60 seconds to try and sell us their latest and greatest item on show.

Let me present to you the good folks from DMT, Wilier, Gravaa, Unior, Cipollini, and Hunt who took on our challenge and, for the most part, succeeded. They hope.

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