Svein Tuft rides to the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest

Bella Coola, British Columbia is a place made for adventurers, the perfect destination for Svein Tuft in the third and final episode of Reconnecting, a film series documenting Svein’s bikepacking explorations after ending his World Tour racing career and moving home to Canada.

Located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, Bella Coola is a place of incredible natural beauty, with peaks soaring nearly 3,000 metres above the spectacular Bella Coola River. A challenging area for riding, the only road access is via a descent of the unpaved Heckman Pass, with pitches as steep as 18% along its 1,500-metre vertical drop.

In this episode of Reconnecting, Svein discusses his need to roam, the perils of comfort, and the benefits of finding flat ground. While riding through the searing heat of a record-setting summer, Svein also reveals how bikepacking helped him find new motivation during his racing career, and tells the story of his first star-crossed ride to Bella Coola as a young man.


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