Clearly Dave Turner has opinions on how many bikes you should have.

Tech gallery: 2021 Sea Otter Classic, day three

Ritchey’s lovely do-anything-go-anywhere steel Break-Away travel bike, new carbon wheels from Hunt, stainless steel adventure goodness from Otso, and Turner’s red-hot Nitrous titanium hardtail.

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Sea Otter has always been more of a mountain bike show than a road one, but with the lines blurring between the two in recent years, it’s no surprise to see a more diverse spread in the bikes and gear that are showcased in the expo, too.

Dave Turner, of Turner Bikes — long a legend for his US-made aluminum dual-suspension mountain bikes — showed off his latest Nitrous titanium hardtail, featuring dramatically shaped tubes, progressive-but-not-too-progressive frame geometry, and heaps of clearance for the biggest tires you’d ever want to run on a trail bike. 

If you want to get off the beaten path wherever you happen to be traveling, Ritchey displayed a fun build for its Outback Steel Break-Away travel bike, complete with a versatile 1x mechanical groupset with lovely Paul Components Klamper mechanical disc brakes and oodles of polished aluminum goodness. 

Meanwhile, Hunt has been busy in the past few months, offering us a preview of its upcoming ultralight (1,200 g!) Aerodynamicist carbon fiber climbing wheels and its Proven range of carbon fiber mountain bike wheels — one set of which supposedly survived this entire season of the Enduro World Series. Despite the purported strength, claimed weights are as low as 1,300 g per pair.

Also in this round are another look at Classified’s two-speed rear hub transmission, some neat builds from Benno Bikes, and some trick road bits from Kask and Koo. 

More to come soon!