The BC Bike Race Gravel Explorer recap

The BCBR Gravel Explorer

With a successful first-year event just completed, a brief few weeks ago, it’s time to look towards next year's event. Registration opens Tuesday, October 19th at 12 pm, PST.

"Everywhere a Gravel bike can go" has been put to the test, and the riders put through the rigors of this exciting new route – and coming away, all of them, victorious. For the scenery was stunning, the tracks challenging, and the shared experience, real! Remember, The BCBR Gravel Explorer is five days, not one. That’s a lot of adventure to pack into a week!

“The Downhill was probably the funnest thing I have ever done, dirt in my mouth, bugs in my teeth, it was awesome! This has broadened my experience and opened my eyes to what more you can really push yourself to do. For sure it was an adventure race”!

~ Holly Schellenberg – Winner, 30+ Women

The South Okanagan provided the perfect canvas to re-imagine what a gravel bike is truly capable of. We saw all caliber of athletes engage in an adventure bike race, unlike anything else, and they all came out smiling and stoked.

The fastest female and male racers; Amity Rockwell and Cory Wallace had their own hurdles to overcome, but they came away with the inaugural Green Leaders jerseys. Who will come to the 2022 edition and challenge for the title?

“Day one, oh man, the singletrack! I think it was a good ratio of paved climbs to dirt roads, but the singletrack was super beautiful.” “I feel like that of all the days, I feel like this is a unique race because of what this type of course is”!

~ Lucas Strain – 3rd Place Overall

Registration Details:
Registration Opens: 12 noon October 19th

Race dates : Sept 25th – 29th, 2022
Location: South Okanagan, Penticton

Limited number of seats!


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