Zwift your way to a Local Legend on Strava without the boss knowing

Strava adds Local Legend feature to selected Zwift segments and the option to hide your activities from others.

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by Strava

Strava has announced two new updates that allow users to mute activities from appearing in other riders’ feeds and chase Local Legend status on Zwift. 

The mute activity feature first appeared as a test last month, allowing users to hide activities from other users’ feeds but still count towards challenges and local legends. Strava has now rolled the new privacy feature out to all users. Previously, athletes could opt to hide activities from all other users or restrict visibility to their followers only. However, hiding activities also excluded said activities from counting towards Strava’s segment leaderboards, Local Legends, and Challenges. The new “mute activity” hides an entire activity but still includes the ride in challenges, meaning you can pretend to be at work while still chasing all the trophies your heart desires. 

On a more serious note, the mute activity feature is the latest in Strava’s move to give athletes more privacy on Strava while still availing of the popular app’s main features. Many have questioned if Strava could do more in the fight against bike theft. Strava is seemingly listening, with recent updates to privacy options offering an option to hide rides’ start and end locations. The new mute activity feature will provide users away from home to target challenges without alerting the world they are not at home. 

Zwift Local Legends

Strava has also rolled out its Local Legend feature on 20 selected Zwift virtual segments. Strava unveiled its Local Legend leaderboard back in June 2020 as an achievable goal for the entire Strava community rather than just the fastest riders, as is the case with the traditional timed segment leaderboard. 

Local Legend rewards consistency and ride frequency rather than the outright speed with the Local Legend laurel wreath awarded to the rider who has completed a segment most often in a rolling 90-day window. As such, any rider can chase the Local Legend on any segment, regardless of their time or speed. Or, as I found out, speed does nothing to protect your local legend status, as my laurel wreath for Mamore Gap disappeared 90 days after the Everesting record ride back in March. 

Until now, Local Legend status was only available on real-world Strava segments. However, today’s update brings the consistency challenge to the virtual world on selected segments (see the full list below). In good news for early adopters and Monday Zwifters, the 90-day rolling window opened yesterday, October 18th, meaning anyone who Zwifted in the past two days could potentially have a Local Legend to their name. Given the somewhat dubious (read: outright ludicrous) times on some Zwift segments, the Local Legend award might prove a much more accurate and more authentic challenge to chase than the traditional timed based leaderboard in the virtual world. 

Zwift Local Legend Segments


Alpe du Zwift –

Volcano KOM –

Hilly KOM Forward –

Fuego Flats sprint Forward –


Libby Hill –

Monument Ave Sprint –


Box Hill –

The Mall Sprint forward –

New York:

New York KOM –

KOM Reverse –


KOM Reverse –

KOM Forward –


KOM Forward –

Sprint Reverse –


Temple KOM –

Country Sprint –


Pave Sprint –

Acqueduc KOM forward –

Petite KOM Forward –


Champs Elysees –

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