A tilting, steering, gaming smart bike: the Muoverti Tiltbike

Muoverti is a new player in the indoor trainer market launching a new smart bike with some bold claims and unique features.

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On paper, connected or smart bikes seem like the holy grail of indoor training hardware options. These bike-shaped objects are said to provide greater stability, built-in power meters, ease of use, simple adjustability for multiple users, and a smaller footprint than a bike and trainer. However, these benefits are tempered by the higher price point and occasional fit quirks, a lack of availability, and just the fact these are not bikes and so feel different.

Now London-based Muoverti has announced its Tiltbikes indoor smart bike with the bold claim of being the first stationary bike that actually feels like cycling outdoors. It is fully compatible with all major indoor riding platforms, including Zwift of course, as well as some fun options like the video game Descenders.

Muoverti has unveiled a pre-production preview of the new Tiltbikes it says is “the only bike with the physics right, like gravity and inertia.” It claims to provide an immersive real-feel with balancing, steering, braking, and accelerating.

The Tiltbikes, as the name suggests, feature an elastomer-guided side-to-side tilt, allowing the bike to move under the rider. This tilt means the rider can replicate steering lean and presumably enjoy a more fluid feeling while sprinting and accelerating. Muoverti claims this lateral frame movement (a good thing in this case) even provides a more effective workout as it “engages core muscles and recruits balancing reflexes.” Muoverti has paired this frame tilt with a self-centering digitised handlebar for improved real-feel riding and in-game steering.

With the Tiltbikes seemingly offering so much real-feel, it seems odd that it does not feature gradient simulation, which does already feature on the Kickr bike.

Steering lean, perhaps not a feature indoor riders are crying out for, but the Tiltbike’s side to side movement during high power and out of the saddle efforts looks very natural and fluid in Muoverti’s launch video.

As for its smartness, the Tiltbike combines an electromagnetic resistance control unit with a patented dynamic control algorithm and physics engine, enabling real-time simulations of incline, weight, acceleration, braking, inertia, drafting, angular wind speed and rolling resistance. Muoverti claims these algorithms can update a thousand times per second for constant communication with the resistance control unit and highly accurate feedback from digital platforms. Better yet, Muoverti claims the Tiltbike is “virtually silent” thanks to a carbon belt drive that connects the magnetic resistance to the cranks. As you would expect, the Tiltbikes feature a built-in power meter for power, cadence, L/R balance, pedal smoothness, and torque effectiveness, while motion sensors help provide seated versus standing data for insight and comparison.

The Tiltbike certainly looks like a bike, will it feel like a bike?

With forks, a head tube, top tube, down tube, and seat tube, the Tiltbike bears the closest resemblance to an IRL bike of any of the current crop of smart bikes. The claimed natural feel of the moving frame, adjustability, and multiple configurations seem to promise an unrivalled ability to bring the outdoors in. As with any bike, though, the contact points can make or break the entire package. While we have not yet seen or ridden the Tiltbike, Muoverti seems to understand the importance of good contact points. A round seat post with quick release adjustment and a standard saddle rail clamp means riders can use a wide range of saddles. The Tiltbike also features a crankset with adjustable crank lengths for that dialled fit, but no mention yet on the Q factor.

Get fit gaming. The joystick brings gaming controls to the handlebars.

Up front, the Tiltbike offers adjustable stack and reach while still supporting interchangeable drop, time trial and flat handlebars. Mounted to those bars are road-like brake levers, at least from the photos these brakes bear a very striking resemblance to SRAM Red Etap levers and hoods. The levers feature digitally customisable gear shifting to match controls from leading real-world groupsets and functional brake levers for in-game braking. The levers also feature a built-in joystick for in-game controls on gaming consoles, as demonstrated in the launch video using the Xbox game Descenders. Fingers crossed the joystick is also compatible with Zwift so we can finally move on from the keyboard, mouse, or unresponsive when sweaty touch screen companion app.

Muoverti says the Tiltbike features enough adjustability to replicate frame sizes from 49cm to 64cm. Furthermore, the entire frame is interchangeable, separating from the base should other users prefer to swap out for pre-set geometries or frame designs.

Muoverti currently has a target release date for the Tiltbike of Autumn 2022, with pricing said to “be in line with the top models from competitors.” Expect the interchangeable bars and certainly the extra frames to be an additional option. With the Tiltbike ticking so many boxes on the smart bike wishlist, its general release will surely be eagerly anticipated by many. We are working on having a Tiltbike for review as soon as possible.

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