Adidas brings its classic looking cycling shoe offering to an indoor specific shoe

Exposed! Adidas’ Indoor Cycling shoes are indoor cycling shoes

Adidas shoe naming department, making my job easier since November 2020.

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by Adidas

Adidas has a new cycling shoe. Hot on the heels of the ingeniously named Road Cycling shoe and Gravel Cycling shoe comes the Indoor Cycling shoe. With a name as unambiguous as the Indoor Cycling shoe, Adidas has done my job for me. Thanks, that’s all from me, folks. Enjoy the pics. 

Ping! Message from Caley Fretz.

“Nice try, Ronan, but 53 words on new shoes from such a mainstream brand is simply not enough! Get to work! You are our indoor shoe guy!” 

No early Christmas break for me then so. 

Adidas is firmly back in the cycling game. The Indoor Shoe is the brand’s fourth new cycling-specific offering in just over a year. With a lightweight and breathable upper, two large mesh vents on the forefoot, and a velcro strap, the shoes are laced with all the hallmarks of a quality indoor cycling shoe

Adidas is making a step in the right direction to fight plastic waste on this one, as the upper is made of recycled materials and the shoe has at least 50% recycled content overall. A loop on the heel upper should help with getting the shoes on. Although, presumably, the velcro closure should make getting the shoe on and off quick and easy, anyway.

Three-bolt cleat compatibility makes these the perfect sole mate for those using road pedal systems, although the absence of two-bolt compatibility will be sole-destroying for many spin class fans. And one more oversight: with Mr Big’s untimely passing, it has been a tough week for indoor riding. We really don’t need any further slip-ups and so the complete lack of grip-enhancing features on the sole is equally concerning.

One major question remains: can they be ridden outside? Sure looks like it may be possible. We will investigate and report back.

Back to the good stuff. Shoe la la, these things look sweet. Offered in three sole-ful colours, Core Black, Acid Red, and Cloud White, and featuring the iconic Adidas three parallel equidistant stripes of identical width (as described in a court defeated trademark), these are a shoe-in to take the indoor world by storm. 

Alright, Ronan, enough puns! Stick a sock in it! [Dave Rome would be proud of you, Ronan – Ed.]

The Adidas Indoor Cycling shoes are available now in sizes 6-14, and they’re priced at US$130 / AU$210 / £110 / €130.

The wait goes on for a high-performance cycling shoe offering from Adidas. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of the fabulous Velosamba.

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