Jan Ullrich in 2012.

Jan Ullrich reportedly taken to hospital after relapse

Jan Ullrich was hospitalized in Mexico in early December.

by Dane Cash

photography by Getty Images

Jan Ullrich was reportedly hospitalized in Mexico and is now set to receive treatment in a clinic in Switzerland after a relapse in his drug and alcohol addiction.

German newspaper Bild reports that the former pro was celebrating his birthday with friends in Cuba when he relapsed into drug and alcohol use. He boarded a plane to travel back to Europe, but he was hospitalized in Mexico in early December during a layover.

Ullrich, 48, has been in the headlines multiple times in recent years due to his issues with drugs and alcohol as well as multiple legal troubles. He was convicted of drunk driving in 2017 after a car crash in 2014. Between 2018 and 2019, he was alleged to have jumped over a neighbor’s fence and threatened him, he was fined for assaulting a prostitute, and he was also alleged to have assaulted a man in an airport.

Earlier this year, Ullrich appeared on Lance Armstrong’s The Move podcast and spoke about his recovery from addiction following treatment.

As Bild reports, Armstrong reportedly visited his former rival in Mexico. Ullrich will now be treated in Switzerland.

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