The Andy Schleck team had to sell its forbidden kit

The Continental squad is trying to recoup some "lost costs".

by Matt de Neef

The great kit debacle of December 2021 rolls on. Continental team Andy Schleck-CP NVST-ImmoLosch has felt the need to sell a bunch of kits it had intended to race in next year in order to recoup the costs of creating that now-forbidden kit.

Let’s take a step back, in case you haven’t been following the drama.

Last week, when a bunch of teams started revealing their jerseys for the 2022 season, a problem quickly became evident. No fewer than four UCI women’s WorldTeam and Continental squads looked set to ride in near-identical kits.

SD Worx, UAE Team ADQ, Human Powered Health (formerly Rally), and Andy Schleck-CP NVST-ImmoLosch had all opted for a remarkably similar orange-to-purple fade.

On December 24, a frustrated Andy Schleck team announced that the UCI had ultimately decided to knock back its 2022 design, despite having seemingly agreed to it earlier.

“Our team was highly surprised because our team is the only team of all teams below who did NOT change their jersey colors in any way comparing to our 2021 jersey,” the team wrote on Facebook. “Despite that our team was the first of all UCI teams with this design, the UCI still denied our jersey and leaves our team behind with an unfair feeling, especially because all our kit was already finished.”

The following day the team revealed a new kit for 2022, featuring a largely black design.

Which brings us back to today and the news that the team felt like it needed to sell off some of its now-old 2022 kit, “to get some of the lost costs back”.

It would seem there was plenty of support for the team – just hours after the initial post, the team amended that post to say the sale had ended. Hopefully the team made enough to at least not be out of pocket from this whole drama.

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