Bernal, Carapaz, and other Ineos Grenadiers experience near miss with driver

A number of Ineos Grenadiers are training together in Colombia.

by Dane Cash

photography by @karoloarueda/Instagram

Egan Bernal, Richard Carapaz, and a handful of other Ineos Grenadiers had a near miss with the driver of an oncoming car during a training session this week in Colombia.

The incident was posted to the social media account of Karol David Torres, who was driving a support moto that was traveling with Bernal, Carapaz, and their Ineos teammates Brandon Rivera, Carlos Rodríguez, Omar Fraile, and Andrey Amador as they were out for a ride while training for the upcoming season.

As the video shows (in the second slide of the Instagram post below), the Ineos group was approaching a curve when the driver of an oncoming vehicle came into their lane while making a pass.

The Ineos riders moved to the right side of the road as the oncoming car approached, and it narrowly returned to its lane after making the pass of a cyclist and a van.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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