Bernal conscious and responsive three days after training accident

Bernal is able to speak and move his arms and legs after two surgeries.

by Abby Mickey

photography by Getty Images

Although Egan Bernal remains in a hospital in Bogotá, Colombia following a training crash on Monday, reports say he is conscious and has responded well to the surgery on his spine. Bernal’s doctors report that “the treatment plan has focused on pain management and taking new diagnostic control images, which confirm the excellent result of spinal surgery. On the other hand, his lungs have adequately re-expanded.”

On Tuesday they released a statement that said Bernal could move all four of his extremities.

Bernal was visited in the hospital by his family and was even able to call his agent Giuseppe Acquardo for a chat. “He told me was in a lot of pain. I said I’d perhaps come to see him and he responded: ‘Perhaps I’ll come over to Europe!’ He also asked me about Marco Pantani’s accident and I reminded him that a few years after his accident, Pantani won the Giro and the Tour,” Acquardo said.

On Tuesday the doctors also reported Bernal had successfully been extubated and was able to breathe on his own. “As the hours have passed, the patient has had an excellent response to treatment and the doses of inotropy have been decreased,” said a statement from the hospital.

Bernal underwent two surgeries after the crash, one on his right leg and another on a fracture from his T5 to his T6 vertebrae.

“The neurosurgery team carried out a reduction of a displaced fracture from the T5 to the T6 with a traumatic herniated disc,” the hospital said in a statement. “Under constant monitoring for nervous system activity, a tool was put in place from the T3 to the T8, maintaining neurological integrity and conserving the functionality of the segments involved.”

It’s possible the Tour de France champion will be able to leave the intensive care unit of the hospital soon but probable that he will remain in the hospital for a time while he rehabilitates from the injuries.

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