Bernard Sainz at court in Paris.

Bernard Sainz sentenced to one year of house arrest

"Dr. Mabuse" remains in the news.

by Dane Cash

photography by Getty Images

As L’Equipe reports, Bernard Sainz has been sentenced to one year of house arrest after being prosecuted for the “illegal practice of medicine” and “aiding or inciting the use of prohibited substances or methods in the context of a sporting event.”

The 78-year-old Frenchman, who has been nicknamed “Dr. Mabuse” after the fictional villain, spent decades in the orbit of the professional peloton. He is a self-described “naturopath” who is not a licensed physician, but has worked with numerous pro cyclists over the years, including Frank Vandenbroucke.

Even before this week’s decision, Sainz had been handed prison sentences and fines in the past for his activities. This particular case came about after a French television show caught him on hidden camera explaining doping methods to athletes.

Prosecutors had sought a two-year prison sentence for Sainz; instead, he was sentenced to one year under house arrest in a Paris court on Monday. He has also been banned from working in the fields of sport or health.

Sainz has appealed the decision.

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