Canyon launches new affordable Endurace CF and AL road bike range

New frames now clear 35 mm tyres.

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Canyon’s Endurace range has long been a sporty-feeling yet comfortable option in the endurance road space. And while Canyon’s higher-end Endurace CF SL and CF SLX options remain unchanged for now, the consumer-direct company has announced a new, more affordable CF (carbon fibre) version and an update to the AL (aluminium) range. It’s the first big update to the Endurace range since 2016. 

As gravel has boomed in popularity, the endurance road category has quickly become the answer to those seeking a comfortable road bike that also has the tyre clearance and gearing to comfortably handle a little dirt riding. And the new 2022 Endurace CF and AL bikes absolutely fit this endurance-road-meets-all-road genre. 

Please note that this is a news story and not a review of the bike. We’re hoping to get our hands on one of these new bikes for review in the near future (if supply allows).

New and old features

Perhaps the most notable all-road element is the quoted 35 mm tyre clearance on both the CF and AL models (up from 33 mm). And much as we saw with Canyon’s Aeroad race bike, the German company has taken the somewhat unorthodox approach of equipping many models with a Schwalbe One 30 mm-wide tyre on the front and a higher-volume 32 mm size on the rear. The concept here is that the narrower front tyre is more aerodynamic and lighter, while the wider rear tyre provides extra comfort and traction. 

So if the Endurace can now handle a little off-road, where does it sit amongst the more dedicated gravel bikes? Well, Canyon has this fun little chart for that answer. And despite what the graphic shows, the Endurace can be used on inclines and declines.

Canyon has increased the diameter of the fork steerer to be a straight shaft 1 1/4″ size. The company claims the larger diameter offers increased steering stiffness. Thankfully this larger size has become far more widely supported with aftermarket stem options.  

And the problem-free threaded bottom bracket shells found in the previous Endurance AL have been “upgraded” to BB86 press-fit just like what was already used in the carbon versions. Canyon claims that “extra attention is paid to tolerances in the manufacturing process with stringent quality checks to ensure long-lasting, creak-free, smooth-spinning performance.”

Historically we’ve had mostly problem-free experiences with this Shimano format of press-fit, but nonetheless, it feels like an odd move given the increasing market demand for threaded shells. 

The new frames also feature mounts for a little top tube bag. Clearly the bike industry has decided you can’t possibly groad without them. There are no mounts for fenders, though.

The new Endurance CF retains Canyon’s recessed seat clamp design that aims to offer increased seated comfort by effectively extending the bending length of the post. And all but the cheapest Endurance CF and AL bikes will now feature the company’s flexible and comfort-giving VCLS carbon seatpost in a 27.2 mm diameter. 

While it’s 2022 and the following should be assumed, the new Endurace CF and AL bikes are disc-brake-only. The frames feature common flat-mount brake mounts and 12 mm thru-axles. However, Canyon will continue to offer two base-level aluminium Endurace models with rim brakes and the old frame. 

Conspicuously absent, however, are fender mounts.

“No Endurace platform is equipped with these I’m afraid,” explained Canyon road brand and marketing manager Matthew Leake. “This pains me to say, especially originating from Yorkshire where it’s full coverage plus mudflaps, otherwise you’re banished from the club run in winter. The reason behind this, though, is that to provide the necessary ISO toe clearance, we’d have to overhaul the front-end geometry quite considerably. While the dissenting voices are loud, and I personally tend to side with them, they unfortunately aren’t the majority.

“As a more-than-viable-alternative, we do hark on about the all-year, all-surface capability of the Grail, which does have fender compatibility. Thankfully, we live in an age of so much breadth in tire choice that you can really transform a bike’s performance to your intended use just by changing the shoes it’s wearing. This is definitely the case with the Grail, which has plenty of zip when running something in the 30-35 mm range if you’re sticking mainly to pavement in winter.”

Geometry and no more WMN models

The new Endurace CF and AL have earned revised and now-shared geometry. Notably, both the stack and reach figures are now more relaxed versus what the more aggressively positioned (at least for an endurance bike) Endurace CF SLX offers. The result should be a ride that’s a little more upright and just generally more welcoming to most of the population. 

Canyon claims the trail figures of the bikes sit at approximately 68 mm which isn’t too far off its race bikes. For example, the Canyon Ultimate CF SL race bike has a trail figure around the 66 mm mark.

Canyon’s size range is more generous than most and both the CF and AL will be offered in a choice of eight frame sizes. Interestingly and much like what we’ve seen from the likes of Specialized and Trek, Canyon appears to have discontinued its women’s-specific WMN range. Instead, the company aims to offer a single non-gender-specific range with a variety of colours and specs that arguably fill the same purpose.

All bikes are equipped with a somewhat gender-neutral Selle Italia Model X or Fizik Argo Temp R5 saddle, and all fit-based components are in proportion to the frame size. And as seen with the previous WMN offerings, the two smallest sizes of the new bikes will continue to roll on smaller 650B wheels. 

Pricing and models 

Currently, Canyon has announced two versions of the new Endurace AL Disc and four versions of the Endurace CF Disc. Not all models are available to all global markets. 

Canyon will also be offering an Endurace CF with an all-road specification that rolls on 35 mm-wide Schwalbe G-One Speed tyres, but the rest of the range shows that Canyon still intends these new bikes to be predominately used as road bikes. And while the road-going models shipped to the USA will feature compact (50/34T) cranksets, bikes shipped elsewhere will feature larger 52/36T cranksets to match the 11-34T cassettes. 

The gallery below provides a quick look at the available models and pricing. Additional colours (not shown) are available for Endurace AL 8, CF 7, and CF 8. 

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