Princeton CarbonWorks debuts new Dual 5550 all-road, Mach 7580 TT wheelsets

A 22 mm inner width, low weight, a hooked tire bed for tube-type or tubeless clinchers, a tubular option, and even versions for rim brakes and disc brakes – it all makes for a super versatile-sounding carbon aero wheelset.

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The folks at Princeton CarbonWorks are at it again, this time with a new all-road carbon aero road wheelset called the Dual 5550 aimed at everything from rough paved roads to chunky gravel.

As with all Princeton Carbonworks wheels, the name is indicative of the distinctively undulating rim profile, which varies in depth from 50 to 55 mm and supposedly provides the aerodynamic efficiency of a much deeper wheel while also displaying unusually good handling characteristics in blustery conditions (a claim which actually seems to hold true).

Although the 30 mm external width is “aerodynamically optimized around 30 to 32 mm tires,” the fairly generous 22 mm internal width and hooked profile is said to accommodate everything from “28 mm road clincher tires with inner tubes at higher pressures all the way up to 50 mm knobby tubeless tires at very low pressures.”

The new Dual 5550 wheelset promises to be the more versatile in the Princeton CarbonWorks lineup.

That versatility doesn’t just extend to tire widths, either. Unusually, Princeton CarbonWorks is offering the Dual 5550 in both clincher and tubular versions, and in both rim-brake and disc-brake variants. Clincher versions can be used either tubeless or with inner tubes, and the solid outer rim bed also eliminates the need for finicky tubeless tapes (or any rim strip at all).

As all wheelsets are built to order, there’s also a generous selection of hubs available, including Tactic Racing (sister brand to Princeton CarbonWorks), White Industries, Tune, Industry Nine, Carbon Ti, Chris King, and DT Swiss. There’s also a choice of matte black, matte white, gloss chrome, and gloss gold finishes. All of the wheels are built with Sapim CX-Ray bladed stainless steel spokes and Sapim Secure Lock nipples. 

Claimed weight for a disc-brake clincher set built with Tactic Racing hubs is 1,440 grams.

Retail price is set at a hefty US$3,000 across the board with White Industries, Industry Nine, or Tune hubs, with other hub models commanding various upcharges depending on the selection.

Given the overwhelmingly positive experience we had with an earlier set of Princeton CarbonWorks wheels, we’re crossing our fingers we might be able to get our hands on a loaner set for review, so stay tuned.

Ganna’s wheelset can be yours now, too

Princeton CarbonWorks also recently launched its more aggressive Mach 7580 aero road wheels, which Fillippo Ganna used to secure his second time trial world championship this past September. 

Filippo Ganna used an unmarked Princeton CarbonWorks front wheel during his defense of the UCI world time trial championship last September.

This one is intended more specifically for pure time trials, triathlons, and road racing (in calmer conditions), with a 75-70 mm variable rim depth, a 18.5 mm internal width, and a 27 mm external width aerodynamically optimized for 23-25 mm-wide tires. Sorry, tubular fans: these are clincher/tubeless-only.

Claimed weight on these is 1,500 g for a disc-brake clincher version with Tactic Racing hubs. Retail prices start at US$3,000. 

And finally, a variation on the original Wake 6560

Princeton CarbonWorks’ original wheelset, the Wake 6560, remains in the lineup, but will now see a name change to 6560 Corsa while retaining the same 60-65 mm undulating rim profile, 18.5 mm inner width, and 26 mm external width optimized for 23-25 mm-wide tires. Going along with that now, however, is a new 6560 Strada, which uses the same rim depth profile, but a slightly more generous 20.5 mm inner width and 28 mm external width for use with 25-28 mm-wide tires.

More information on all three wheelsets can be found at

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