GT wants you to get RAD with the Limited Edition Pro Series 

Celebrating 35 years of Cru Jones, the original privateer racer.

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Did you prioritise an education instead of attending Hell Track qualification? Well, now GT is giving you a chance to make up for that lost opportunity. 

GT Bicycles is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the cult-classic ’80s movie RAD with a limited edition RAD Pro Series bike. The bike’s design is inspired by the film’s hero and original gravel privateer Cru Jones. 

Arguably a peg above the rest when it comes to nostalgia on wheels, the bike includes a Cru Jones #33 race plate, a GT x RAD pad set, a custom embroidered saddle and a set of decals, too. 

Built to win the Super Bowl of BMX, this limited edition ride introduces modern flourishes such as an aluminium frame, mechanical disc brakes, and room for 2.5” tyres. And defining the Big BMX category are the not-so-retro 29” wheels. 

Rear pegs are provided and open up the potential for a dance floor bicycle boogie to ‘Send Me An Angel’. Or if that’s not your style, then they’ll surely be useful for collecting your sibling from school. 

There’s just a single frame size on offer with a 23.5” top tube (597 mm), 72-degree head angle, and 71-seat angle. Although let’s be honest, a geometry chart isn’t going to be a deciding factor in letting you power wheelie your way to the local 7-Eleven. 

This Big BMX is surely more limited than the number of brand placements in the movie and is now available for US$790 / CAD$1,025 / AU$1,200. It’s arguably a fair price given you could quite easily make that back ten times over by qualifying for Hell Track. Just don’t forget your hockey mask.

I’ll leave it Cru Jones’s younger sister to ask the question I’m keen to know … “Hey mister, are you going to blab or are you going to buy?” 

RAD was remastered in 2020 so that all the timeline edgy lines and smooth tricks can be enjoyed in 4K viewing. Depending on your region there are multiple ways to rewatch the film while you await your new bike. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out the trailer below.

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