Introducing our new weekly cycling show, VENGA

Nettie Edmondson, Mitch Docker and Matt Keenan bring you all the latest from the world of cycling.

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In 2012 and 2013 I was fortunate to co-host an online cycling show called The Bike Lane with Matt Keenan and Scott McGrory. Working with those guys and the rest of the crew was a highlight of my career, but sadly it came to an end. Even a show as seemingly simple as this cost many thousands of dollars per episode to make, and we had pulled in far too many favours to keep the show going without some proper sponsorship behind it. Sadly it wasn’t sustainable. 

I’d always had in the back of my head getting this type of show running again, and finally, nearly a decade later, we’ve done it. I’m thrilled to bring to you our new weekly cycling show called VENGA.

VENGA will drop each Monday and bring you insight, analysis, opinion, banter and entertainment from the world of bike racing with hosts Nettie Edmondson, Mitch Docker, and Matt Keenan. We’re also thrilled to have Dan Jones (who created GreenEdge’s Backstage Pass amongst many other great pieces of work) involved in production, not to mention many others on the CyclingTips team working behind the scenes.

How will VENGA be sustainable this time? Thanks to the support of our VeloClub members, bringing you new content like this without total reliance on sponsors is now possible. Of course bringing in sponsorship partners is something that still adds value to the show, but it doesn’t live or die by it. 

VeloClub members will receive the full show each Monday, meanwhile we’ll be making sure everyone is able to see parts of this by splitting out segments and putting them on our YouTube channel each week. Thank you to all our members for helping us to bring this to life. We hope you enjoy it.

If you like VENGA, you can support the show here by subscribing to our YouTube channel and becoming a CyclingTips member to view the full episodes each week.