Spotlight: 4iiii’s new Precision 3 power meter gets a 6x boost in run time

Also a lower profile for better frame compatibility, better accuracy, and handy LED indicator lights.

by James Huang

photography by James Huang

4iiii has announced its next generation of crankarm-based power meters, called the Precision 3. It still has the same +/-1% claimed accuracy as the previous version, and is still one of the most affordable options on the market, but it now runs far longer than before per battery, it’s smaller, and it’s more user-friendly.

The biggest functional change is the claimed battery life, which has somehow climbed from a competitive 120 hours to a whopping 800 hours from a standard CR2032 coin cell — nearly a 7x improvement. And while the run time has grown substantially, the physical casing attached to the back of the crankarm is almost half the thickness for better compatibility with more frames. Despite that downsizing, 4iiii has still managed to pack in new indicator LEDs, providing a handy visual reference for things like remaining battery life, and connectivity and calibration status.

Other features include active temperature compensation to maintain accurate readings regardless of weather conditions, both Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless protocols, IPX7-level water resistance, and over-the-air updates for automatic bug fixes and feature additions.

4iiii is offering the new Precision 3 pre-installed on a range of Shimano aluminum left crankarms, with prices ranging from US$325-500. As before, there’s also a “Factory Install” option where you can send your compatible crankarm to 4iiii to have the new power meter added on. Interestingly, the US$325 isn’t any different than buying the Precision 3 pre-installed on a new Shimano 105 arm, but it does open up the option of having the power meter added to a wider range of crank variants, including various Cannondale Hollowgram models, and carbon arms from SRAM and FSA.

At least for now, though, 4iiii has solely released the Precision 3 as a left-only power meter, which means total power figures are simply a 2x multiple of whatever your left leg is producing. 4iiii offers other power meters in a dual-sided configuration that offers more granular information, and it’s expected the Precision 3 will follow suit at a later date.

Price: Starting at US$325
Weight: 9 g (claimed)
More information:

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