Astana license holder Abacanto SA under investigation in Luxembourg

The team has not yet commented on the situation.

by Abby Mickey

photography by Getty Images

The paying agent and license holder for Astana Qazaqstan is currently the target of a judicial investigation in Luxembourg. The civil case is investigating “unidentified persons” for forged documents, misuse of corporate assets, money laundering, and fraud. Depending on the outcome of the case, jail time could be in the cards for those involved.

Team boss Alexandre Vinokourov is one of the people named in the case, however, the team refused to comment on the current situation. The case against Abacanto SA was opened over a year ago, in January of 2021.

Abacanto SA, a publicly listed company in Luxembourg, represents athletes and manages sporting events that may set up branches and subsidiaries abroad, according to the website North Data.

“The public prosecutor’s office in Luxembourg confirms that a judicial investigation has been opened following a complaint with civil action lodged for facts that were allegedly committed within the framework of the Luxembourg company Abacanto SA and are likely to constitute offences,” said Judicial Administration spokesperson Henri Eippers.

“In view of the ongoing investigation, the public prosecutor’s office does not intend to provide any further information on this case.”

In addition to the court case, riders of the WorldTour team were only paid for January at the beginning of March, while their February paychecks remain unpaid.

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