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Bikle is Wordle for bikes … and it’s really hard

Five letters. Six guesses. Extremely difficult.

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Wordle. If not, a brief synopsis: a Welsh software engineer called Josh Wardle made a word-based version of the classic board game Mastermind – you get six guesses at a five-letter word, with coloured cubes indicating whether you’ve got a letter right or in the right place.

The game went viral on social media platforms early this year, before Wardle sold Wordle to the New York Times for a seven-figure sum. Happy days. 

Because of Wordle’s outrageous success, it stands to reason that there are quite a few imitators. According to Wordles of the World, there are currently 691 variants in 140 languages, including Klingon and Quenya, and it’s not just linguistic variants that get the nod. 

Courtesy of Italian cycling blog Bidon, Bikle invites you to guess the last name of a former or current professional cyclist, male or female.

There’s a new puzzle every day, and it is very difficult, especially if you go blank thinking of any five-lettered cyclists beyond Juraj Sagan:

On the plus side, I have now heard of the cyclist that is today’s answer for the first time, so it’s not all bad.

To try your luck against today’s Bikle (which, spoiler alert, is not any of the names listed above), head here.