Brooks England Introduce Eco-friendly Cambium Saddle

Adopting an earth-conscious approach to bicycle saddle construction, Brooks England have just rolled out their most sustainable Cambium to date: the C17 Special Recycled Nylon.

Employing eco-friendly materials wherever possible, the surface of the C17 Recycled Nylon is constructed from industrial remainders converted into a resilient nylon yarn and woven into a durable fabric, eliminating the need for new resources and reducing excess waste. That fabric is then vulcanised to a sustainably-harvested, natural rubber top for wet weather protection and to deliver the Brooks signature “hammock” comfort and performance.

Furthermore, the saddle’s nosepiece and backplate are created from Liquid Wood, an innovative biopolymer made from by-products of industrial paper production that is 100% biodegradable. Finished off with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel rails and aluminium rivets, the C17 Special Recycled Nylon is ready to provide long-lasting comfort over greener roads ahead.

Key Details

  • Brooks England have introduced their most sustainable Cambium Saddle to date.
  • Combining recycled fibres with innovative, biodegradable materials, the C17 Recycled Nylon is both comfortable and earth-conscious.
  • You can learn more about the Brooks C17 Special Recycled Nylon here.


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