Nerd Alert podcast: Finding the best chain lube for your needs

A deep dive on chain lube selection with Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling

by Dave Rome

photography by CyclingTips

This week we’ve got a deep dive episode on a topic that’s applicable to everyone that rides a bike. Chain lube. As we’ve covered plenty before, the difference between running a good chain lube suited to your riding conditions versus a poor lube can come at an enormous financial cost to parts replacements, and that’s if you can find the parts to begin with.

Unfortunately, there’s no doubt a load of BS floating around when it comes to chain lubes and what’s best. In August 2021 we had independent chain lube tester, Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling, on the podcast to dive into the murky world of chain lube testing and why many claims just don’t stack up. This time Adam joins the pod again with a practical list of useful take-aways that your drivetrain will love and a few popular myth busters.

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