Nerd Alert podcast: LeMond is back in the road business, but is it for real?

Plus, the pros and cons of Wahoo's new Kick Rollr smart trainer.

by Abby Mickey

photography by Lemond

We’re back with another group show this week, and taking a hard look at the new LeMond 8 carbon aero road bike that was announced last week.

It sounds sweet, and includes a lot of intriguing features like structural foam filling, internal carbon truss reinforcements, size-specific chainstays, and — get this — carbon threads in the bottom bracket, bottle mounts, and derailleur hanger. There’s so much we want to love about the thing, but also a whole bunch of red flags.

We also discuss the pros and cons of Wahoo’s new Kickr Rollr smart trainer, imagine a world with wireless e-bike chargers, and then finish off with a whole bunch of reader questions in our Ask a Mechanic segment.

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